It's long been common knowledge to 'Star Wars' scholars and David Lynch fans that the director was once offered a chance to direct 'Return of the Jedi' and turned it down -- presumably so he could focus on his own cinematic epic, the box-office disaster known as 'Dune.'

Of course, the mind reels with the possibilities of what 'Jedi' would look like in the hands of the surrealist master, a director with a particular cinematic style so unique it has earned its own adjective, "Lynchian." So, what if Lynch hadn't turned down George Lucas?

Well, wonder no more.

Or, continue to wonder -- just do so while witnessing one fan's own vision for what the third 'Star Wars' movie would look like if it had been directed by the three-time Oscar nominee.

Amateur auteur Samuel C. Spitale has posted a nearly-four minute trailer on YouTube that does an excellent job imagining Lynchian-style filmmaking -- from the nightmarish dream sequences and creepy sound effects to the Ouroboros-inspired post-modernism and the illogical lapses in the space-time continuum -- that made projects such as 'Blue Velvet,' 'Twin Peaks' and 'Lost Highway' such classics. The only thing missing is some extremely grotesque and macabre depictions of violence.

So, why did Lynch turn down Lucas all those years ago, anyway? "I had next door to zero interest [when I was first asked], but I always admired George ... so I thought I should at least [talk to him about it]," Lynch told New York's Hudson Union Society back in 2009.

Lynch went on to describe his own surreal experience travelling to Lucas' famed Skywalker Ranch to discuss the opportunity with 'Star Wars' creator -- and the migraine-like headache he soon developed as the 'Jedi' screenplay was summed up for him. "I could hardly wait to get home," Lynch said of the meeting, adding that it wasn't until his lawyer brought it up that he thought of the "I-don't-know-how-many millions of dollars" he had left on the table by saying no.

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