The new Star Wars movie is officially out and even though I am not a huge fan, there are millions upon millions that have been anticipating its arrival in theaters.

In fact, I have some close friends that were chomping at the bit when they first heard that a new Star Wars movie was coming out. They even camped out at the theater where they live to ensure they had first shot at seeing this film.

Not me.

Now there's a survey going around trying to figure out which states are forming with "The Dark Side" and which support "The Light Side." Basically it's a "Darth Vader" versus "Yoda" type of thing.

If I had to choose, I would take the Light Side or Yoda and according to Distracify, the rest of Montana is there with me.

Overall, the Dark Side wins in this nation. Should I be worried about that?

Here are the complete rankings for the states that align with the dark side. From most to least evil...

1. Utah
2. Nevada
3. Idaho
4. New Mexico
5. Arizona
6. Oklahoma
7. Indiana
8. California
9. Washington
10. Nebraska
11. Rhode Island
12. Kentucky
13. Ohio
14. New Hampshire
15. Michigan
16. Tennessee
17. Texas
18. Missouri
19. Pennsylvania
20. Illinois
21. Connecticut
22. New Jersey
23. Maryland
24. Massachusetts
25. New York
26. District of Columbia
27. Oregon
28. Virginia

But who's most loyal to the Republic? Here are the rankings from top to bottom.
1. Alaska
2. West Virginia
3. Wyoming
4. Hawaii
5. North Dakota
6. Colorado
7. Arkansas
8. South Dakota
9. Montana
10. Delaware
11. Kansas
12. Iowa
13. Maine
14. Wisconsin
15. Florida
16. South Carolina
17. Vermont
18. Alabama
19. Minnesota
20. North Carolina
21. Louisiana
22. Georgia
23. Mississippi
What side do you personally choose?

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