When you mention "Montana Food", most people instantly think beef.  Most Montanans I know enjoy a good steak; and God knows on the weekends, it's tough to get a table at any place that serves a good one.

But what about the opposite of the meat loving, cheese eating, milk drinking crowd?  The vegan people.  I'm sure that Billings and the surrounding area has a vegan crowd, but the city isn't quite as accommodating as Missoula or Bozeman.

Until recently, the word "vegan" made me picture a skinny, hippy person with frizzy hair and flip flops.  I'm not sure why, but that's just the mental imagery that I get.  Now I'm beginning to realize that there is a crowd of people who have given up animal based diets simply because they believe it's a healthier lifestyle...not just the Peta crowd.

If you're a vegan (not vegetarian..there are lots of restaurant options for them), where do you eat in Billings, Montana?

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