I'll spare you the graphic details but I was in the men's room here at work just a few minutes ago when I had a "eureka" moment... always a bad way to start a sentence but this isn't bad, I promise. After I finished watering the lilies and re-fastened my belt it felt like my pants were going to slide off my hips... so I had to tighten my belt... AN EXTRA NOTCH! Fortunately when I did it I didn't cut my circulation off. Note that my belt is on the 4th notch in the pic above (I could only notch 3 a couple of weeks ago).

Just a few months ago I had chronic Tight Pants Syndrome (wearing a size 36 when I really fit into a 38) but now I'm thinking size 34 can't be far away. I'd been frustrated lately because my weight loss has slowed down and I'm not doing anything differently... except I've added the Men's Health Magazine's "Spartacus Workout" to my daily routine at Billings Athletic Club. So I figured I'd shed the pounds even faster but there's one problem... I've been adding muscle! I wondered why I'd only lost 3 lbs. over the last few weeks but my pants felt looser and a trainer said the only explanation is muscle gain. So check back with this blog from time to time if you need a little inspiration because I am here to Pump (hand clap) You Up!