I have to issue a disclaimer... while the meal I ate last night was tasty, it's not the best I've EVER had. At the moment it seemed like it though. See, I've been diligently working out for the last 17 days and so far have lost 7 lbs. I can have about 2350 calories and maintain my current weight but of course I'm trying to get back to the 190 lbs. I was when I was 30. So I add the calories I burn from my daily dose of cardio and weight training which bring my daily allowance to about 3150. To lose 2 lbs. per week I'm trying to eat about 1000 less than that.

In this effort I've been really good about denying myself my natural cravings like ice cream and cookies. Those have been remarkably easy to stay away from. Unfortunately last night my body was screaming for pasta and I had to give in. When you've been denying yourself it makes what you've avoided taste so much sweeter and so it was with that delectable bowl of chicken parmesan. Each marinara covered strand of linguini was like manna from heaven. While I've had better tasting meals, rarely has a meal been so satisfying. I was a man with a taste for French fries and pasta deserted on an island of kale and raddichio.

I'm sure, with the roll it came with, I consumed about 1200-1300 calories which would have nearly put me at my limit... so I went back to the gym to work it off. It was worth it :-)