Holy cow, this feels like something right out of the old TV cartoon of The Flintstones! Did you hear about the two fossilized dinosaur skeletons that were found on a Montana ranch in back in 2006? Well, they’ve finally made their way to New York City and are coming up for sale in November.

Each of the skeletons is nearly complete and have now been dubbed the ‘Montana Dueling Dinosaurs’. But you can’t split up the bones - They'll be offered as a single lot at the auction house Bonhams on November 19. Estimates are that the pile of bones could bring $7 to $9 million. Wow what a piece of history!

For those that care, one is a plant eater and the other meat-eater — The experts at Bonhams’ says the dinosaurs appear to be locked together in some sort of mortal combat to the death! Each of the specimens is very well preserved. Paleontologists have said that they believe one may be a close relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex. The other may be a new species similar to a Triceratops. The owners of the ranch where the fossils were found are the sellers of the bones.

By the way, if you’d like to go on your own dinosaur bone hunt, these two were discovered in fossil-rich Hell Creek area. Obviously, a land before time where dinosaurs once roamed.

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