Can't find anything to do? Go Folfing!!!

There are three great courses right here in Billings:

  • Pioneer Park behind Senior High off Fifth Street and Grand Avenue
  • Phipps Park/Diamond X off Rimrock Road
  • High Sierra Disc Golf Course in the Heights next to the High Sierra Dog Park by Skyview.

All you need is a disc that you can get darn near everywhere from Scheels and Big Bear to Wal-Mart and Hastings. You can go by yourself or with a group. Bring the kids and dogs. They are welcome to enjoy the day with you, too.

I have yet to play at the 18-hole High Sierra Disc Golf Course. Every time we have thought about going to the Heights to go try it out, it's been too windy. There aren't many trees on the course, and I have heard you can still lose your disc in the open brush. One of these days, it should be nice weather to trek the wide open course.

Pioneer Park has a great 9-hole course for both winter and summer play. The course has already changed to the summer course as weather conditions have been awesome for folfing! Each hole of the summer course has a concrete approach where the winter course does not. Watch out for trees, they eat those discs up pretty quick if your not careful.

Diamond X at Phipps Park is a 36-hole course where you could spend almost all day playing all 36 holes.  Be prepared to search for your disc in the brush, behind rocks and around rattlesnakes. Remember it's their home. There is a lot of climbing involved and once you get to the top there is a magnificent view of Billings and the surrounding area. The Eye in the rock is on hole No. 8. Word is, if you hit the eye on your first attempt, it is a Hole-In-One.  There is also a basket just to the right of the eye about 8 feet away, you can get a Hole-In-One there also.

These courses are for all ages and all levels of experience. There are a few rules to follow, yet they are more common sense than anything. Make sure you bring a beverage, as it gets extremely hot out there.  Also, be sure you are doing the parks a favor and pick up your trash or any other trash you may see to keep our parks clean.

Have fun!!

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