Montana does not have a statewide ban on "Distracted Driving", although some cities do have restrictions specifically relating to cell phone usage while behind the wheel. For the states that do have distracted driving laws, one woman recently learned that drinking a cup of coffee while driving counts as "Inattentive Driving".

I have talked to many Montanans about cell phone laws and the majority are in favor of people, at minimum, not be allowed to text and drive. I don't, however, think that people would give up their morning coffee in the name of road safety. In fact, I would be willing to bet that many would think this is ridiculous and even officers themselves, who are often forced to be in their patrol cars for extended periods of time, would think this law is a bit overreaching.

Along with drinking coffee (or any other beverage), you of course have to include eating as well. Not much point in drive thru's or cup holders if these laws take hold across the nation.

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