Thinkstock - Gennadiy Poznyakov
Thinkstock - Gennadiy Poznyakov

Hard to believe its almost Halloween. And since it falls on a Tuesday this year, it looks like this weekend is when most of the parties are happening around town.

The wife and I used to go out to Halloween parties, mainly because I had to for work related reasons. Now that I don't have to... we don't. It's kind of like going out for New Years Eve.  Amatuer night.  And since we have a house full of kids we find it's easier just to stay home. We'll take them up to grandma and grandpas house to trick or treat and probably call it a night.

I guess we're dressing up at the office on Tuesday, so I'll have to put something together that's appropriate and comfortable. You only make the mistake of a costume that requires a wig or extensive make up once.  I'm all about the comfort, baby!

At what age to you tell your kids to stop trick or treating?  My 13 year old thinks he's going again this year.  I told him he's too old.


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