One of my Facebook friends posted a picture this morning of hot dog buns in a wrapper labeled "hamburger buns." OK. It's not the end of the world. You just have to adapt your thinking so nothing gets wasted.

"Kids, tonight for dinner we'll be having a menu item called 'Long Hamburgers.'" See? Problem solved. And had we bought hamburger buns and had hot dogs, we'd be having "Circle Dogs." I could have been a celebrity chef, I'm sure.

This wouldn't happen to me because I'm not a label reader. So, be warned, if you change the color or shape of your packaging, I might not buy your product anymore. The exception for me is Nalley's Chili. I always have to stop and read the labels. If they don't have the "Original" chili, then I like the cheese, big chunks, no beans and Jalapeno Hot. But I avoid the turkey chili and original vegetarian. And each recipe has its own colored banner near the top of the can.

No, thank you. Generic or store brand chili is not for me.

Back to the buns. I remember when my family would run out of bread and my sister and I would be sent to school with tuna fish on hamburger buns, which was pretty tasty, actually. I ate quite a few hamburgers on bread in my time.

I was just rereading what I had so far and the way I put it, it sounds like my parents never bought us bread, which isn't true, but I will tell you about how I was tortured with Spam sandwiches. I haven't had that stuff since the '70s.

I still remember when I was first out on my own. I would eat chili dogs without the hot dog, and the same with chili burgers. I was broke and had to make do.

Have you ever gotten something at the grocery store that was labeled wrong?

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