I had a pretty rough week this week, as we wrap it up with Farmer Finishers.

Monday I busted up my thumb while moving some feed bunks for the cows. I thought it was broken but I think it just stretched the ligaments out of whack so it's doing better.

Then on Wednesday I busted my leg up right below my knee and had to have 13 stitches put in. I thought great... I might have my first calves hitting the ground this weekend and I'm falling apart. There's always something.

Thanks to everybody that submitted their ideas for the best cold-weather dishes for our Weird Wednesday on-air bit. Chili was the overwhelming favorite but we had enough suggestions to get you through the winter.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

If you listen to the podcasts there is plenty to stir you up with this week including the COVID corruption that continues to grow by the week.

Basketball tourneys continue this weekend with the A tourney at Metra so the town, especially the Heights, will be busy.

The surprise announcement this week was from Jon Tester who announced he would run for senate again. And why wouldn't he? With a net worth now of about $18 million he has really prospered from the job that in the last 16 years has only paid him about $1.6 million take home. We all know that farming isn't generating that kind of income either. Wonder where all the rest came from? Well, we're so lucky to have him working so hard for all of us. How many of you have seen your wealth grow by that much?

Have a great weekend and we'll see ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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