Mark: "am I a hard guy to get along with?"

Paul: "no!"

Well, I had a day yesterday...I call those farmer days because I had a lot of stuff that needed to get done. And I got a lot of stuff done! I had a little time last night, my girlfriend was going to make dinner, and I thought you know what? I’m gonna hop in the Corvette and go for a spin, cause the Corvette sits there collecting dust.I don’t drive it much so I had the windows down, took the interstate down towards Hardin and came back on Pryor Road and get back closer to civilization.

Off 312 you kinda' have to go the speed limit because there are people in front of you and I am okay with that, 60 is plenty. I turn off onto Pioneer road and as I turn I see probably a dozen or so people on their bikes which is fine it’s a nice area hardly any traffic, if I had a bike I would ride on that road.

Well there is one bike going the same way I am and there is a group of about a 6 others coming at me, so I get on it a little bit to get around the first guy so that I can scoot way over so I’m not close to the other people that are coming the other way. The speed limit on that road is 55 and I am doing 56 and one lady takes her thumb in a downward motion going hey…hey! I hit the brakes for a second because I honestly thought about going back. But I thought no, it’s not worth it.

Had I gone back here are some things I would have said:

Do you have any idea how many millions of federal tax dollars that have built bike trails all over the city that you could be riding, trails that cars aren't allowed on! You are on a road that is paid for with my tax dollars and tax money from my income and there is no freakin’ bike lane…oh my god…don’t like it don’t ride on our road!

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