Michael Foth-TSM
Michael Foth-TSM

The older of my two little princesses had her kindergarten Thanksgiving lunch thing today.  We've gone just about every year since the other kids were in elementary and middle school and that tradition continues now.  I actually enjoy this one.  Sure, the lines are long and the portions are small.  The mediocre cafeteria lunch somehow tastes awesome by the time you finally get your food.  And it's good to get to know some of the other parents that I'll bump into at school and sports and every other activity for the next 11 years. If not actually "know" them, at least recognize them enough to say hi. And remember who they are in case their kid ever bullies my kid and we have to have a little talk about it.

It's also fun to see what kindergartners make at school.  They were all wearing their colorful construction paper turkey hats (a classic). They had another display where the kids had to fill in the blank of: Eat more of this _____ instead of turkey.  A couple kids wrote horses.  Mmm. Tasty, grass fed, free range horse.


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