On the anniversary of the death of Elvis, I've got a couple of memories related to The King.

First of all, I'm a fourth cousin of Elvis. It's on Granny Wilson side of the family. I don't know he exact genealogy of it, I just know that I'm not getting any royalty checks.

I've been to Graceland a couple of times and took the tour. I've also eaten at the Wendy's on Elvis Presley Blvd.

And, back in the stone age of radio when we still had live, local radio announcers working, I worked with Rockin Rodney. He LOVED Elvis! And every morning before he went home for the day, he'd go into the newsroom (which had the best speakers) and he'd crank up "Burning Love" and play air guitar with it. He did it EVERY time he got off the air.

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