After the huge Dog House Parade, I have another job that I am going to add to the list of "No Thankyou". That would be the job of the Event Planner. I now have a greater appreciation for the people that do this for a living. Since this was the first one I took control of the reigns, I got a lesson in planning frustration.

Don't get me wrong, I think it went pretty well for our first attempt and we raised good money, but the planning is something we need to hire out in the future. I should have listened to my daughter who hired an event planner for her wedding. It took all the stress of the planning and making sure everything was in place out of her hands so she could have a special day.

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I think if we were to do another one someday I would much rather build a Dog house. I would be much better at that and to be honest, I know then I would have more fun. One of the things though that helped were the people who were at the Gala. They are listeners and supporters who I know cut me some slack because they all know what it is to try to put a plan in place and for that I'm grateful.

Oh, one more job that is not for me is a caterer. They did a tremendous job with our meal and having to cook for 500 people and have them all be satisfied is something else I couldn't handle. I'm glad I'm raising beef and not serving it.

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