You've heard the saying "everyone deserves their day in court".  Even us law abiding citizens end up in court because of an over site.

Today was that day for me and boy did I learned a lot in Municipal Court.

I had to go to court today for a ticket for no insurance, now before anyone jumps to a conclusion, it was an over site.

All is good and I'm not a law breaker.

Anyway, as I'm sitting in court this morning among what seemed like 60 other people waiting to see the Judge, I realized that most of those appearing for one reason or another (mostly DUI and outstanding warrants) didn't bother to dress at least semi nicely.

Some didn't take the time to shower or even brush their hair.

My first thought was appearance (pardon the pun) matters, I would think especially if you're going in front of the Judge.

I learned some new things today, like the SCRAM System and what is used for.  Never knew that.

That word (SCRAM) was used a lot by the Judge.

I also heard (on several occasions) the term failure to appear, motion to squash the warrant and probation violation.

It was crazy to see that there were three public defenders on hand, jumping up to help those appearing before the court on various charges.

On one point I almost felt like I was in an episode of Night Court with Harry Anderson 

Now I know that being in a court room your going to hear these terms, I was just blown away by how many repeat offenders there were and that so many of them were so young, not much older than my kids.

Let's just say it was an eye opening experience to say the least.



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