Since Governor Bullock's mandate to wear face-covering in the counties with four or more active COVID-19 cases, there's been a rush to get our freshly washed and sanitized hands on the appropriate masks.

The Yellowstone County Economic Response and Recovery Team led an effort to hand out more than 35,000 masks at several businesses around Billings, and one in Laurel on July 15.

As of today (July 20) the businesses that participated in the free mask giveaway, including Black Dog Coffee, Boothill Inn, and Soup and Such, reported they were all out of the free masks. According to the Mask Distribution Day Facebook page, "If businesses need masks after Friday (7/17), they will be available at the BSED office at 222 North 32nd Street, Suite 200 during regular businesses hours."

For those who want to show off their Cat Country pride, while keeping those around you safe, we now have the Cat Country 102.9 face masks available in the Cat Country store.

cat mask 2

They're available in sizes for adults and youth by clicking HERE.

You can also get geared up with a 189th Montana Redneck Battalion t-shirts and hoodies. We have plenty of different designs of the 'Wake with The Flakes' gear too,  including onesies for your newborn to spit up with Mark and Paul.

flakes onesie

How to Sew a Face Mask

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