I understand that with my larger family it can be hard to get a fast food order right. On the other hand, with the computer technology that fast food places are using, it really shouldn't be an issue, right?

Billings has actually been pretty good about this and I want to thank the fast food restaurants that my family and I have visited for getting it right.

However, a few other places I have lived could never get it right. Even when I tried to order the simple basics for my family at those places, they came out completely wrong or parts of the order missing. I understand mistakes happen, but when they happen every time, it gets really annoying.

One sandwich shop in Idaho even tried to make it my fault and refused to give me the additional items unless I paid the more money. Once I showed proof of what was there and what was on my receipt, they reluctantly made it right.

I am not the only who gets irritated with this.

The Hudson, Florida police arrested Amanda Nunziata for assaulting a restaurant worker, who gave her cold chicken nuggets. She bought 10 nuggets from a Twistee Treat. Amanda downed seven of them before complaining that the remaining three were cold. The staff prepared three new nuggets. Amanda wanted 10 fresh ones and a refund. When the restaurant refused, she tossed her tray, some sauce and nuggets at a worker. The food hit the worker in the face. Her cheeks and shirt were covered in honey mustard.

Amanda was charged with battery.

I would never resort to violence. That's just stupid.

Past and present restaurant employees: Have you ever dealt with a crazy or irate customer, who tossed food? If so, what happened?

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