I don't drink a lot of beer these days, but when I do I like to sample the local stuff. This Mountain Main Scotch Ale had been recommended to me a few times so I picked some up last night. I wish I was beer smart enough to give you some great, thirst inducing description, but I can only say that it's a damn good beer and I'll likely buy more of it. It's the only beer I've tried from Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company out of Great Falls, but this first experience has definitely earned some more samples from me. Quick disclaimer: This post isn't meant to be any kind of advertisement. I've never even spoken to anyone from Jeremiah Johnson, much less scored an endorsement deal...just an honest review.

So, what's next on my list? If you have a suggestion for me, leave it in the comments. I know some people will say I need to go get something on tap to truly get the best experience, but in this case I'm looking for the best things to stock up the fridge.

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