What a week!

  • We got our first snow and it was in September. I'm guessing the folks who blow out sprinklers couldn't answer the phone fast enough.
  • We had a great time at Redneck Pizza signing folks up for our Mexico trip. They have a veggie pizza called Bad Hunter.
  • I prefer Calloway Super Soft golf balls, preferably optic yellow. (which, I swear, is actually green).
  • I'm up to 68 rounds of golf as of Thursday.
  • I don't drink any milk and it's bugging Paul.
  • Please keep the 25 members of 592nd Ordnance Company out of Billings in mind. They have left to join the 660th Ordnance Company out of Boise and they will be gone for nine months. They are joined by soldiers from Lewistown, Miles City, and Cody. They will try to send pictures and updates and I will post that stuff so everybody can get an idea of what their lives are like over there.
  • Be sure to check out "23 Floors With The Flakes" that Johnny records each Friday.
  • If you can, join us next week for another chance to sign up for our trip. We will be out Thursday at Casino 8 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (located on 32nd & Hesper)

We will also have a lot more tickets to Fluffy Iglesias and the  Nile Rodeo to give away all week long.

Have a great weekend.

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