I met an interesting guy over the weekend. He has floated around a little bit in his working career. And wherever he lands a job, he goes to the nearest golf course and applies for a job. On the part of the application that asks what you want to make salary-wise, he writes "will work for free in exchange for free golf". What a great idea.

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Somewhere in the not-too-distant future, I'll be looking for something like that.

I already have a standing offer from Cole at Pryor Creek Golf Course to sit on a mower a few days a week. And I have had multiple offers to be a daytime bartender from every bar that I've been in. Apparently, most places struggle to keep quality daytime help behind the bar.

Post-covid it seems like every business is looking for help. And you don't even have to commit to forty hours a week. Most places will take whatever you're willing to give them.

And all of the retired people that I've talked to say that you need something to do. And you're not going to golf every day living where we do. (Unless you join one of those leagues that play in simulators in the Winter months.

I have no idea at this point what I'll be doing. But I know that it doesn't matter what it pays. But I do know that it doesn't start at 5 in the morning. And it doesn't require an article to be written about it 5 days a week.

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