Did you feel that?

That rumbling, that ground pounding. That is the feeling of football. Training camps in the NFL are all open now. College opens in the next ten days and area high schools have been unofficially gathering.

It’s football time! This is the time of the year you pull out your favorite jersey. Griz. Cats. Vikings, Broncos. Seahawks. Soon we’ll see fans flying the colors of their favorite team.

Still being relatively new to the area…I am having a hard time getting a feel for fan favorites…is this a Cat or Griz town? Which NFL team is the fan favorite? I have seen a fair share of Broncos jerseys, as well as Raiders, Vikings and my personal fave the Seahawks.

As for Colleges, I am a diehard University of Washington fan. I bleed purple and gold. Win or lose, I am a Dawg fan every day. Just come visit my office here on the 23rd floor for proof.

So help me out here….I need to make sure I am rooting for the right team on the weekend and talking about the right teams come Monday.


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