Have you ever had an ingrown nail?  Either a fingernail or a toenail?

Then you know how much they can hurt. My daughter has had an issue with an ingrown toenail for about 6 months. Every time it got irritated and infected, we would clean it out and treat it with Neosporin and hope for the best.

Finally, she was in so much pain that I decided to go see a Podiatrist. Needless to say, the Doctor took one look at it and said, "let's fix this thing once and for all."

We had a simple 30-minute procedure done right then and there and she is ship-shape and healing well.

What causes an ingrown nail?

An ingrown nail is most frequently caused by cutting your toenails too short or rounding the nail edges or by wearing ill-fitting shoes. It can also be caused by an injury, like stubbing or jamming your toe. Her's was caused by clipping her nails too short.

You can watch the video here!  If you are squeamish, don't watch. There's no blood, but it looks like it's painful; however, she didn't feel a thing,

Thanks so much to Dr. Murdock and the staff at The Foot Care Center for being so wonderful with her.

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