I heard the news of the passing of Glen Campbell yesterday afternoon. Here, on this blog, I won't give you all of the stats for album sales, chart performance, and various awards.

My dad, like Glen, was born in the south and was a musician. Our house had many of Glens records stashed in our console stereo, and were played often.

We made sure to watch The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour every week at our house. And then he came to the state fair in Great Falls in 1971 and we had front row seats. During his performance at the grand stands, it began to rain, temporarily halting the show. Then, he came back out and put a piece of plastic over his guitar and just kept performing.

Before his last appearance in Billings, Paul & I got to interview him and he was great. Very friendly and down to earth guy. In addition, I took my dad to that show at ABT and just sat there in amazement while he played "Classical Gas" and "The William Tell Overture".

I'm sorry for what his family had to go through with that terrible disease. And if you listen to us a lot, you will probably notice a few more of his songs on our station.

"You get a house in the hills, you're paying everyone's bills and they tell you that you're gonna go far. But, in the back of your mind, I hear it time after time, is that who you really are. "Country Boy"


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