The greatest man I ever knew would have turn 76 today. He was an amazing man and even more so, an amazing example. He taught me so many things and inspired me in so many ways that I doubt he ever knew how much he meant to me.

He was a protector as a police officer, a rescuer as a paramedic, but most importantly...he was my father.

I lost my father as a result of multiple medical issues just under 4 years ago.

Without him, I have been truly lost. The simple phone call asking which road I should take is no longer there. The words of encouragement when I need them most are long gone and the big bear hugs from my papa are no longer felt.

He was a rock to me. A guiding light when things seemed so dark. He was my hero.

He was also my biggest fan. It didn't matter which station I was broadcasting on or where, he would always be my biggest promoter with a station sticker on his patrol vehicle and the biggest to tell those who did not know me all about me.

He was so proud and I loved making him proud whenever I could.

Cole Swindell's "You Should Be Here" truly says it all for me. What he had with his dad was very similar to what I had with mine.

I hope you're celebrating hard in heaven dad. Happy Birthday. I love you and miss you.