As we kick off April, it may not seem like summer will ever get here with all of this snow. But summer will be here before you know it.

Are you ready?

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All of this month Billings Last Diet and Ideal Protein are giving you a money saving reason to start your weight loss journey.

As a new dieter, when you sign up and mention the Karen Gallagher or Cat Country Radio special you'll get $25 off the start up cost.

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This special is good ONLY IN APRIL.

Remember you must mention the Karen Gallagher or Cat Country special offer to take advantage of the savings.

Billings Last Diet is your Ideal Protein provider in Billings.

I made the choice last June to call Billings Last Diet and start on Ideal Protein.

I am so excited about me results and thanks to my dedicated diet coach, I've been able to stay focused and be successful on the program.

Billings Last Diet/Karen Gallagher - TSM Billings

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Learning the science behind this program is half the battle.

You won't be disappointed.

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