Time for an update.  I have been telling you about my weight loss journey I started at the end of May and today it's time for an update.

I have been working with  Billings Last Diet and Ideal Protein to help me lose weight and get healthier.

I’ve been on the program for about a month and 1/2 now and I’m already down 22 pounds (18.5 lbs is fat) and 14.5 inches overall.

To put it in perspective, I've lost 2 1/4 inches around my chest, 3 1/2 inches in my waist, 4 inches across my hips, 1 inch off my arms and 3 3/4 inches

With my daughter bailey's softball over the last few months, I will be honest, I thought it would be tough to stick to the program.

We all know that when your traveling, you tend to eat out more often and sometimes the place your family chooses isn't always the best for healthy eating.

I was very surprised how easy it was to stick to the plan and how accommodating restaurants are when you have special orders.

This is  a 4 phase plan that helps you lose the weight and ultimately teaches you how to keep it off.

Another great thing about Billings Last Diet, is that I don’t have to do this myself.

My diet coach Jen is there for me every step of the way.

Take an hour and check one of their information sessions, you can register for FREE on their website at billingslastdiet.com.

You won’t be sorry.


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