It's an election year and some things tend to get a little strange when these come around. This one is no exception but I feel commendable to an extent none the less.

According to a number of news organizations like this story from the New York Times, Budweiser will be changing it's name to 'America' during this election season.

It will start packaging it's beer with this temporary name on May 23rd and continue to do so through the election in November.

What's even surprises me more is Budweiser may be an American household beer, but it is not necessarily an American company. It's actually a Belgian company which I did not realize until now.

Just so you know, when you are walking to the beer cooler in you local Billings grocery things will look different here soon.

The labels apparently will look the same with the exception of the name. Remember instead of Budweiser on that label, it will say 'America'. The beer itself will have no change.

Now let's all go unite and have a cold one to celebrate our freedoms as Americans!

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