I don't think it's any coincidence that ever since a young man by the name of Mark Wilson first asked me to play a round, I've played more holes of golf in the past 2 years, than I played my entire life before meeting "Fuzzy." That's one of the nicknames Paul has for Mark. And I'm SURE he calls him that because Mark's golf game is like Fuzzy Zoeller's.

Since first picking up some clubs back in 2011, I started collecting golf balls from the various landmarks, states, and events that I was able to attend. There was a time I would buy collectible shot glasses, but they were getting used less and less.

And it just occurred to me, there's someone I work with who may get some use out of my shot glasses for their Crown Royal Green Apple.

While I had some extra time cleaning out an office closet this week, I came across one of my golf ball display cases. Each one became a little round dimpled memory of some amazing experiences and journeys.

Golf Balls from Across America

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