"So, what do you do at your job?" I am often asked.

Well, that's hard to answer exactly because every single day is a little different from the last.

I play all of the songs. Subsequently, I PICK all of the songs. I even play requests from time to time. If there's a long version and an edited version, I always play the long version. Music matters to people.

I play all of the commercials and promos. I Google. I search. I prep for the next day. I take notes. I highlight. I deliver metal detectors. I emcee events. I message people back while we're talking about things on the air. I give away trips to Secrets Akumal in Mexico.

And none of these things were things I learned in a broadcasting school.

So to answer the question, I'm not really sure what my job is. I just know that I have to be there before 5 a.m.

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