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So, the protesters or rioters in "Portlandastan" are now attacking Federal property, according to The Washington Times. Since the mayor wants to let them be, the President sent in the feds to get a grip on the situation. Is this hard for people to understand? How could anyone, especially the mayor of a city, allow lawlessness? If you are burning, destroying, looting, blocking traffic, littering, graffiti et.c those are all violations of the law. Does anyone not get that?

When a protest becomes anything else it's illegal. Period. Ask the mayor of "Portlandastan" if you can pump your own gas while in Oregon and he'll tell you absolutely not. That kind of behavior will not be tolerated. And just think, people in this state want to legalize recreational pot. What if we don't like the way they treat people who want a straw and we put together a protest at the mayor's house and set it on fire? Would that make him just as proud as he is of the people trying to torch the federal courthouse? What a yoyo. I'm so glad I live where I live. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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