After months of putting it off, and getting dishpan hands, I finally got around to addressing the electrical issue with my dishwasher.

I had an appliance repair man come out to check why my dishwasher kept tripping the circuit breaker. The Bosch Silence Plus 44dba has an extended warranty, so there was no cost for that house call. After the appliance guy pulled the dishwasher out, and checked connections, he determined that I wasn't getting enough power to the electric box behind the machine. So, he said I would need to contact an electrician to resolve this issue.

When it comes to paying someone else to do a chore I'm capable of doing myself, I'm more of a Paul than a Mark. But, if you look at how clean and unused my tools are, I'm more of a Wilson.

So, with some guidance from the farmer, here are the steps I took to replace a circuit breaker for my dishwasher.

Changing a Circuit Breaker

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