How about Melanie with a felony for a romantic partner?

Thursday morning we were talking about the two felons who were on the run together and apprehended Wednesday on the west end. Q2 reported on Jan. 18 that authorities arrested 32-year-old Lucas Hancock from Spokane, Washington, and Shyla Chapman, 25 from Idaho.

I sarcastically asked Mark, "Do these people have a dating site just for felons now?" We're not sure if the couple was actually romantically involved, but it's an interesting theory.

There is a dating site for all makes and models. I'll bet there's horror story after horror story about peoples' experience with those sites.

I know my oldest daughter was burned badly on numerous occasions after using them. Finally, she said no more and now has met someone that is awesome the regular way, the way it was always done, by chance.

Just think of all the losers out there that are trolling for someone.

I know people are busy and don't have time to search for someone special, but have you ever wondered why these people are still available if they are the catch of the century?

There are sites based on age, color, occupation, profession, religion, everything. Even sites based on incomes like Millionaires, what kind of people go there? Maybe there is a way to research these things but no one seems to be truthful in their bios. It's kind of like pictures you see of people; they put the best one they have ever taken on the internet and wow could you be surprised.

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When I was younger these things were never available so you had to do your own investigation and rely on your own judgment. I'm glad I don't need them, but apparently, millions do or they wouldn't be there.

Be careful...

We'll see ya when we get back from our trip.

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