I consider myself a reasonably smart person but yesterday morning I felt pretty stupid and probably had the guy in the car behind me on the way into the parking garage questioning my ability to cope in life. Since we work at the top of the Crowne Royal... er Plaza, we get to park in the parking structure on the corner of 2nd ave and 27th street. They give us a card that we wave in front of an electronic eye that lets us come and go.

As I pulled up to the gate I realized my pass card wasn't attached to my visor as it normally is and I was frantically searching my car to see where my pass card had fallen but I couldn't find the thing. I didn't know what to do so I got out of my car to ask the gentleman behind me if I could use his card to get through the gate. That's when he reminded me that I could press the green button and get a parking stub like everyone else. Duh. After I parked I looked for the guy to apologize for holding him up and to explain my duh moment but I couldn't find him. There's nothing worse than unrequited suck!

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