This happened yesterday while flying back to Billings from Fresno, California. I think the last time I had any kind of mishap while flying was in 1983 when I was trying to cut into a cherry tomato with a dull plastic knife and a seed spit out and shot straight into my eye. In 41 years of flying I've never spilled a drink... until now.

On their first beverage pass the flight attendant gave me a coke and a package of cookies. As they were coming back toward the front I saw the cart headed toward my elbow and moved my hand inward to avoid a collision and voila... my coke, full of cold frosty ice, spilled directly into my lap. For the next 40 minutes I looked like I had peed my pants. No amount of napkins from the flight attendant could absorb the coke that had soaked my underwear (a feeling a factor of 100 worse than wet sock). When I got off the plane (to make a connection) in Salt Lake City I held my laptop bag in front of my crotch all the way to the men's room where I finally was able to put on dry clothes (thankfully I had some with me).

Completely off the subject but when you fly Delta make sure you ask for their cookies. Usually they'll try to give you pretzels so you have to ask but their ginger cookies are amazing!

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