Does anyone really enjoy flying anymore? Years ago the anticipation of flying on an airplane was exciting. It was almost an adventure in itself. People would come back and talk about how cool it was.

NOT anymore.


I don't know when it changed but it did. It seems like you are worn out before you ever get on the plane. Now with security measures, you have to be there two hours before you even get on the plane and by then you are already sick of rude people getting in your space.

Pre-boarding doesn't add to the fun either, sitting in a hot stuffy plane although boarding in groups now has at least helped with some of the congestion. Comfort is something that has been removed from consideration when flying. Americans continue to get larger and larger and the airlines have put the seats closer together.

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With all of the time delays now it's making it harder and harder to make your connection unless you have a 90-minute layover. If you miss it, tough, unless there was a mechanical or pilot shortage you are on the hook for that. The days of a free room and meal, while they try to get you on board the next day, are over.

Credit: EvgeniyShkolenko
Credit: EvgeniyShkolenko

It's still the fastest way to get somewhere but the experience just isn't the same anymore. That's why I'm convinced of the benefits of First Class. I think now I would definitely finance it just for peace of mind.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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