Many of you know that we are leaving on our annual Flakes trip next week.

Let me say, the prep is a lot easier to talk about than actually do. Vacations are a lot of work.

Anyone that has a boat or camper knows what I'm talking about. You spend two weeks prior getting ready for your three or four-day trip. Same thing if you want to go boating for the day, it takes you the whole day before to get the boat ready and fill it full of all the stuff you need.

Hunting trips are the same, getting all the food and gear needed for a weekend hunting trip takes more time than how long you actually get to hunt.

Maybe that's why people in agriculture tend not to want to travel very often. For me, lining up the house stuff, getting people to feed, making sure they have all the things they need and spare pumps, heaters fuel, etc takes a lot of hours.

However, for all the prep work, it's worth it once you get to your final destination. The traveling, the waiting, the airports, masks, etc., it's all fine once you are there. For me it's all about recharging my batteries and relaxing for a week knowing no matter what happens at home I can't do anything about it until I get back. Plus my stuff is in pretty good hands after all these years.

A big difference for me also is flying first class. It makes the journey less tiring (for some reason) which is great.

So go ahead folks, plan that next little getaway. It may seem like a lot of work but you'll end up asking yourself "Why we don't do this more often?"

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.; be prepared to feel bad about not going on the Flakes trip.

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