When I first heard about these Phillips Hue lights, I thought, "Who in the world needs those?  Why would you want colored light in your house?  Do we need our phones for yet another thing?  Are people too lazy to use a light switch now?"  I thought those things, but a year later I own more than a half a dozen of them:  3 whites, 3 colors and a light strip.

Why?  I have no freaking idea.  All of the questions I asked still largely apply, but for some reason I find myself actually using preferring the slightly yellow, more sunlight colored light that these things emit.  This is not an endorsement or some secret ad gimmick - proven by the fact that I'm not going to include any kind of purchase link.  I truly just want to find other people who now find themselves building their own light ecosystem (that's Philip's term for it).  Has the joy worn off?