The new administration has made it clear to America that they want to eliminate all fossil fuels. Period. Their target date has been mentioned as 2030, only eight and a half years away. The big push is for all-electric, all renewable. Let's look at this realistically.

It will take longer than that to transform America into a one energy country. No way we can replace our current demands for energy with just solar, wind, etc. The major move is being led by the auto industry. They too are promising to go all-electric with Volkswagen promising to lead the way.  Here is a huge question: how are they going to replace the billions that are collected from the fuel taxes? Roads and bridges will still have to be maintained and that revenue goes to just that. Will they tax the electricity you use? If not, how will they replace that revenue?

The country is already short of electricity, yet all furnaces, cars, homes, and factories will rely on one energy source: electricity. The blackouts now are widespread using all sources of energy to generate the power we need. Imagine 150 million cars getting home at night after work and all plugging in to charge, in addition to the regular high demand for power at that time.

It's going to take decades to come up with sources of energy to keep this thing we call America rolling. Even with all the measures we have seen over the last 50 years with better fuel efficiencies, different lighting, more energy-efficient homes and businesses, the demand for energy increases every year as does the demand for more tax revenue. 2030 is going to be an unattainable goal. 2100 would be more like it. I guess I won't have to worry about it. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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