We have found some challenges living in an apartment.

We cannot have a dog. We do not have a yard. The smells from other people cooking their dinner can sometimes be overwhelming.

None of the things are catastrophic. Just obstacles that we learn to live with and adapt to.

One of the ways we adapted to not having a yard to have a garden in was to create a patio garden. So on Mother’s day I bought my wife a tomato plant. I figured a $4.99 gamble wouldn’t be too big of a loss if it died and if it grew and produced we would come out ahead.

Guess what? It worked! As you can see the tomato plant is producing. Not only that, we planted a small box of herbs and are harvesting them as well. We’ve also added primroses and petunia baskets to the deck area.

Adapting to life’s challenges –that’s what it is all about.