I know you don't want to hear it again but everyone is getting ready for the 27th Flakes trip. This morning we were talking about packing tips and I was surprised at how much the packing restrictions have changed.

TSA-acceptable items are a far cry from where it seemed they were after 9/11

For instance, you can now pack tools and scissors and other sharp things as long as they fall within the length requirements. Sharp objects like scissors and knitting needles are all acceptable if they meet the parameters. You can have a screwdriver as long as it's less than seven inches. Common lighters and some matches are now allowed. They require that the lithium batteries and things be carried on for fire reasons.

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They still have a limit on some liquids and gels when flying with carry-ons

...Not to exceed 3.4 ounces but after that medicines, baby formula, shampoo, and hand sanitizer it doesn't matter. The larger full-size electronic items MUST be carried on. All medications whether prescription or over-the-counter can all be carried on in unspecified quantities. It's not an official requirement but they actually recommend that you take all your jewelry, currency, and other valuable items with you.

Natalie Behring, Getty Images
Natalie Behring, Getty Images

Small pets are even allowed on flights

However, you have to contact your airline so you know about the pet carriers and how to get them through security. The rules and requirements and restrictions have really changed for the better. Now if we can only keep the planes flying without so many cancellations, that would really make the trip so much better.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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