If you haven't heard Jeff Dunham is coming to Metra on March 23rd. His comedy routine and ventriloquist act have been here before so I was wondering, how much would you pay to see a ventriloquist? Maybe $25.00? Do people try to get front-row tickets as they do for a concert? Is traffic ever a problem after a ventriloquist show?

When you go to a ventriloquist show do people stand during their favorite routine and then speak along with him? Is the famous woo-hoo thing a problem at a ventriloquist shows when people take their beer and hold it in the air as high as they can reach? When you go to a ventriloquist show, do they actually need security to protect the stage area? Do they sell T-shirts outside with his picture on them or the picture of the dummies' that are part of the act?

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Here's another one when Jeff Dunham is finished, will people still clap and cheer until he comes back and does another comedy bit? How many semi-trailers do they need to set up for his show? I would also imagine that he has a fan club, however, I can't imagine there are too many people that are members. At what point during a ventriloquist show do you get your phone out turn the light on and sway to the rhythm of the joke?

Maybe after the show, you will be one of the lucky ones to go backstage and get Jeff's autograph or that of your favorite character.

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