If you've ever driven through Judith Gap and were curious about the stats related to all of those wind turbines, here are some facts.

It's actually called The Judith Gap Energy center.

It started with 90, 260 foot tall towers. It has since grown to 135 towers. And all of those towers are connected by 26 miles of dirt roads.

Wheatland county gets over 1.2 million dollars in tax revenue each year from those mammoth towers.

The towers can produce enough electricity to supply 30,000 homes in Montana every day, as long a s the wind is blowing at least 25 mph, which is rarely a problem in Judith Gap. Maximum energy production is reached when the wind hits 33 mph.

Each blade is 125 feet long, and there is one on the ground that you can stop and see when you go through town.

Now you can wow your friends on your trip.