Today (May 9), Lee Ann Womack headed to Washington, D.C. to partake in the Centennial First Ladies Luncheon to be held at the Washington Hilton. Womack, who is currently working away on a new album in Nashville, was glad to step away from the studio for the prestigious honor.

“When you’re asked by Congressman Green from Texas’ wife to help her, the collected spouses of Congress, the Supreme Court, President’s Cabinet and the Vice President to help honor our First Lady, you don’t say, ‘Well, I’m working on a record,’” says Womack. “To see all these people come together at a time when working together is going to be the key to solving a lot of the issues facing our country. To me, that’s a wonderful place to start.”

Later tonight, Womack will join the rest of the committee members at the White House, where she will be on hand to help celebrate a special evening for the presentation of the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Award, which will go to Burt Bacharach and Hal David. The honor recognizes a lifetime of excellence in songcraft. Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul McCartney are among the previous winners of the award.

“Look at the songs Burt Bacharach and Hal David have written,” Womack gushed. “Pop songs, movie themes, musicals … they put life to song, and they make us all hum along with their melodies. I think people sometimes miss the poetry in what we hear on the radio, so I was thrilled hen they asked me to participate as part of the Committee to honor people who’ve made this kind of contribution. With parents who taught school, I learned lots of every day life can be poetry, it’s all how you see it. And it’s also my personal mission to see Willie Nelson receieve this award.”

Following her trip to D.C., Womack will return to Nashville to put the finishing touches on her new album.

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