It's that time of year once,  again. The Billings Fire Department and Billings Airport Fire are preparing to fly to Seattle for a great cause.

They call it the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb. Billings firefighters, along with many others in Montana and the country will compete in this stair climb to raise money to fight  leukemia and lymphoma. They will have to climb a total of 69 flights of stairs.

Here in Billings we have two buildings that are tall enough for the firefighters to train for this event. First Interstate Center sits at 20 floors and Crowne Plaza is at 23 floors. Each building equals about the same distance as each other but not even half of what they must climb in Seattle. This is why training is so important and our firefighters are really putting in the time.

Last year a firefighter from Missoula actually broke the record by climbing 69 floors in about 10 minutes. They call him the human lung. It's anyone's game this year.

They need our help though. As always, it costs plenty of money to send them to this competition and trust me when I say that we need Billings, Montana represented by these fine firefighters.

Join them on Monday, February 29th for a fundraisers at Hooligan's Sports Bar starting at 5 p.m. for a fundraiser to support this awesome mission.

I was on hand for one of the training sessions. Check out the video below.

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