Recently, I was browsing Amazon and for some reason, it had a product recommendation for a house.  Yep, a house.  $24,000 (plus $1,000 for delivery) will get you a 20' x 40' expandable, solar-powered house that you can allegedly set up in a couple of hours.

I'm not opposed to the tiny house trend, but the "order a house" concept is nothing new.  From 1908 to 1940, Sears and Roebuck sold kit houses through their famous catalog.  Many of them are still standing today, and I bet there are at least a few of these right here in Billings.  You may be living in one without even realizing it.  There are a few ways that you can tell with certainty, which are described here, but if you just look at these plans, you'll likely see some familiar designs.  These houses were certainly not tiny, but full-sized homes that are still plenty of square feet by today's standards.

If you live in one of these kit homes, feel free to share a comment.  I've been in several in my lifetime and in most cases, the quality held up (even though the architecture was a bit dated).

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