So, I've been a little restless being stuck at home, so I started taking pictures of stuff in my house. Riveting reading, I'm sure

This is what you see when you pop the latch on the stereo my mom bought in 1969. She paid $ 1,000 at Sears, which was a lot in 1969. She tells me that she doesn't remember how long it took her to pay off.

You younger folks will probably need help identifying a couple of things in the photo. That round thingy is the turntable and that rectangular jobbie held additional records in a stack. When the first record finished, the next one would drop and the tonearm would start playing it.

This unit also allowed you to adjust bass and treble and had a couple of switches that turned different speakers off.

All I know is that it is heavy! I haven't moved it from its resting place in 14 years. For many of my years well into my 30's, it was easily my nicest piece of furniture.

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