The last week and the next 4 days will be one of the most humiliating and embarrassing moments we will have ever faced as a nation. The handling of Afghanistan by the current President, his Cabinet, and his military Generals disgusts me.

The one thing you people know about me is my honesty in my beliefs and convictions. I stand behind them and own them. My plea to all the Democrats in Montana and Biden supporters is to step forward in your support of the President, his staff, and his first seven months. Own it. Let the world know who you are, let the people of Montana know.

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I own my loyalty to America every day. Publicly in front of people, on the radio, and around the country online. I get your shots at me while you hide behind a phony name on social media. Come forward, let us know how proud you are of your President. You chicken twits didn't have any problem coming forward with your disgust for the last President. Hey Jon Tester, come in on the show and tell us how proud you are being a Democrat.

The world was quiet during the last administration. North Korea, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Syria, Russia, Mexico, and Venezuela, all on their best behavior in years. Then came January 20th of 2021 and in just 8 months look where we are at. Do you really think now that the world is in a much better place? Come forward and put your Biden signs back up in your yard so we know who you are. You all know who I am and love to take your shots. Well, I'm ready for ya anytime you want to come in so the whole world can hear you and know who you are.

We officially surrender to the Taliban on August 31st and leave Americans behind that day. That's what Biden, his team, and supporters get. That's why I'll never be one of you. I choose to be an American. God Bless America and all those people we leave behind.

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