Sometimes, we all just need to get away and unplug for a while. Luckily, you don't have to go far for some rest and relaxation if you live in Montana.

Tourism does a lot to help boost Montana's economy, and vacation rentals throughout the state have increased in popularity in recent years.

The website recently put together a list of the most unique place to stay in every state. Montana has a lot of options for unique accommodations depending on what you're looking for. A couple of years ago, my nephew and I took a trip to Glacier National Park and stayed in the Many Glacier Hotel. That was an incredibly unique Montana experience. If you've never stayed at Many Glacier on the east side of Glacier, I would highly recommend it.

Let's get back to the list, shall we? If you're looking for a great place to relax that isn't far from Bozeman, you're in luck. According to the list, the most unique place to stay in Montana is the Howler's Inn Bed & Breakfast and Wolf Sanctuary. That's right, you can actually stay at a wolf sanctuary in Montana.

The Howler's Inn B&B and wolf sanctuary is located just outside Bozeman, Montana. It's set on 42 acres in picturesque Bridger Canyon, The Howler's Inn has been named "the best lodging in Bozeman" by Travel & Leisure Magazine, and is ranked as the top B&B in Bozeman by Tripadvisor.

The Howler's Inn is the only place in America where you get to stay in a log home bed and breakfast and be welcomed by the songs of a resident wolf pack.

If you're looking for a great place to experience some of the best things about Montana, you should definitely check out Howler's Inn.

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