It is rare that I get a telemarketing call these days, but for people who still use landlines, they are a frequent occurrence.

You might be saying, "People still use landlines?" Believe it or not, they're not gone yet.

In fact, my almost-mother-in-law Peggy has a landline as her only means of communication. She is the only person I ever call and still get the occasional busy signal as she does not even have call waiting.

Apparently, telemarketers tend to focus on landlines. I assume this is because the numbers are so readily available. Peggy has been frustrated because they surprise her with a call almost daily. It is a surprise because she doesn't have Caller ID either (sigh).

For those who still fight this fight, I say why not have some fun with it. Being rude doesn't work. They will call back. Demanding that they never call again doesn't work. In fact, it could very well get your more calls.

Here's something that might work for you. Jim Florentine did a whole CD about messing with telemarketers and I thought I would share one of the funniest. Many of the tracks are not safe for work or young audiences, but this one is clean and funny. Take notes, Peggy!

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